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Permalink to $5,000 Cash Rebate – GAF Glenwood Roofing-ENDS DEC. 31

GAF Glenwood 12-31-15

$5,000 Cash Rebate for Contractors
Buy 100 Squares of GAF Glenwood Shingles

Valid on purchases August 1, 2015 thru December 31, 2015

click here for details [Size 1,251 KB]

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10% OFF Candlelight Cabinetry
at Kohl Building Products
Hurry - Limited Time Only!

Candlelight Cabinetry 10% OFF

Permalink to Enter GAF Sweepstakes ENDS-AUGUST 31

Permalink to Enter GAF Sweepstakes ENDS-AUGUST 31

GAF's contractor sweepstakes, Rockin' 'N' Roofin’, begins July 15 and continues through August 31. Members of the GAF Business Building Club will have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win a grand prize concert experience with either Billy Joel in New York OR Reba and Brooks & Dunn together in Las Vegas!

The sweepstakes is exclusive to Business Building Club authorized account holders. Contractors can visit www.GAFBusinessBuildingClub.com to join the Club (or login if an existing member) and enter the Sweepstakes (one entry per authorized account holder).

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Permalink to ProVia Signet Doors - Already Finished

Permalink to ProVia Signet Doors - Already Finished

Help your customers see the terrific value of a door that comes "already finished."
Already Finished

(Written by Wanda Angel, ProVia Doors)

Many of us have done home remodeling projects that involve staining or painting a door. Last week, while on vacation, I spent several days staining SIX interior doors. I had to mask off the entryways as if a crime scene had taken place. And try keeping a 7-year old from touching them too!

The entire time, I kept thinking what a luxury it is for homeowners purchasing ProVia’s Signet Fiberglass doors, that these doors come prefinished and ready for installation. No crime scene tape, no mess to clean up, no waiting for drying. And this isn’t your ordinary stain or paint job either. Finishes are hand-applied by professional craftsmen, many of whom have been perfecting their skills for years. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process. Click here for entire article.

The Only No-Fade Siding in the Industry

New Rich, Dark Colors with Advanced Protection

The only no-fade, no-distortion promise in the industry, backed against the elements with an unmatched promise.

SolarDefense, exclusively from Mastic, offers five new colors in the Ovation product line: Double 4, Double 5 and Dutchlap 4.5 featuring SolarDefense Reflective Technology. Also available in Performance Metals and Cedar Discover Shakes and Shingles.

Available now, at Kohl Building Products!  Click here for exciting new colors!

Mastic Solar Defense

MASTIC Siding Rebate - ENDS 11-30-15

Mastic RWH 2015

Get $50 back when you buy qualifying Mastic siding!

25 SQUARES of Structure Home Insulation System, Quest Premium Vinyl Siding or Carvedwood.44
10 SQUARES of Cedar Discovery Shakes or Shingles

The more you buy, the more rewards you can earn. you can also choose to donate your reward direct to Homes for Our Troops in your customer’s name. It’s a great way to stand out from the competition and make you and your customer feel great about doing good.

Invoices must be dated between March 1, 2015 and November 30, 2015, and received by Mastic within 60 days of purchase date to be eligible for Rewards Card(s) or donation.

Click here to see qualifying siding purchases and redemption form. [Size 545 KB]

Why Are My Windows Sweating – Is Something Wrong?

Window Condensation 2

Winter temperature changes bring on questions like, “Why do I have condensation on the windows in my new house? or “My old windows never sweated on the inside.” Today’s energy-efficient homes are built more airtight than ever. But in addition to sealing in warmth and air-conditioning, they also tend to hold in too much moisture-laden air. WindowCondensation2If your home contains excessive moisture and it’s cold outside, the first place you’ll see it is on your windows. You may think this means there’s a problem with your windows, but it doesn’t. In fact, the vast majority of window condensation problems are not the result of faulty windows. The windows are just indicating that your home needs added ventilation to lower the amount of moisture in the air. CONDENSATION CHECKPOINTS

  1. Turn humidifiers down or off
  2. Open fireplace damper
  3. Properly vent gas burners & clothes dryers
  4. Run kitchen & bath exhaust fans longer
  5. Open drapes & blinds to allow interior air to circulate against windows
  6. Attic or basement louvers adequate & open
  7. Excess houseplants will increase humidity
  8. Check soffit and roof ventilation proportions

Who Buys the Products?

Question Mark House

How do you handle the homeowner who wants to supply the products?
Paul Winans, a Remodeling Magazine contributor, advises to avoid this pitfall. He shared contractor responses to potential hidden costs and headaches.

  • Ask "why" are they interested in doing this.
  • Set expectations of how job process works.
  • Explain the detail and accuracy involved in ordering products correctly.
  • Include clause in contract that you assume no responsibility for the materials. That includes proper ordering, scheduling, delivery, storing, returns & warranty.
  • Advise them if materials delayed or wrong, they incur the costs of job delay.
  • If this is the only way to get the job, figure the material mark-up and aggravation into your labor.