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Distributor of Professional Tools & Equipment

Distributor of Professional Tools & Equipment

At Kohl Building Products, we understand that a contractor's needs go beyond construction materials. To support these requirements we carry a wide range of professional tools and equipment.

Our lines of Alum-A-Pole scaffolding products, provides contractors with some of the most advanced scaffolding products available. These systems allow the user to work comfortably and safely at the exact height required without sacrificing safety. Alum-A-Pole includes extreme safety features, rugged pick-up truck portability, and is stackable; in addition, they can be assembled by a single person. To date, not a single accident has been reported when basic instructions were followed.

Kohl carries Malco hand tools designed to give your job the professional touch, making the contractor's job easier.

To learn more about these products, see the information provided on this page or contact us directly.

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Alum-A-Pole Products Include:

  • Scaffolding System
  • Alum-A-Poles
  • Alum-A-Joint
  • Alum-A-Brace
  • Pro-Jack
  • Alum-A-Scaff
  • Saf-T-Net
Malco Construction Hand Tools

Malco Construction Hand Tools:

  • Asphalt & Natural Slate Roofing Tools
  • Fiber Cement Siding Tools
  • Hand Snips
  • Gutter & Downspout Tools
  • Vinyl Siding Tools
Qual Craft Fall Protection System

Qual Craft Fall Protection System:

  • Anchorage, Body Harness
  • Connector / Lanyard