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Kohl Building Products is a major supplier of Tamko roofing products to customers across Pennsylvania. Tamko, dedicated to adding quality and value to their products, owns and operates the plants that produce many of their raw materials. The superior lines of Tamko roofing materials include MetalWorks®, a unique steel product, simulating a shake or tile look that qualifies for Energy Star and is rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. The Heritage® collection is Tamko's flagship of laminated asphalt shingles designed for curb appeal and homeowner peace-of-mind. Heritage Vintage® gives you striking cuts and angles, Heritage® Woodgate features the rugged shake look, while Premium/Heritage® is the tried and true design and style we see across America. All of Tamko's shingles come in an attractive color palette to accent your home, your color scheme.

In addition, we carry a number of Tamko roofing accessories, Tam-Shield™ underlayment and Moisture Guard Plus® ice and water barrier, giving homeowners complete protection, eliminating callbacks.

Tamko's Better than "Lifetime" Limited Warranty offers the very best upfront, full-start coverage on material and labor costs. This unbeatable warranty also applies to multi-family projects, going beyond the competition.

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